Ms F ... "Thank you so much for everything you have done for C, and us, throughout the year.  Although C wasn't lacking in confidence when she started in September, the change in her over the year has been amazing for us as parents to see.  She truly looks forward to going every day and even asks me on Saturday if she can please go to nursery!"


Mrs J ...  "Thank you so much for an incredible year!  B has loved nursery (as did L).  Ballyhenry is wonderful school and B has grown so much this year!  You've made such an impact."


Mrs W ... "We are incredibly grateful for the time and energy you have put into guiding A and (H) through nursery school.  Your daily updates and pictures have been a lovely insight into the fun and stimulating environment yourself and the staff have created at Ballyhenry."


Mrs M ... "Your nursery school and staff are a credit!  As parents myself and B want to thank you and all your staff for everything. You made navigating nursery drop offs, full time employment and many other things possible."


Ms R ... "Thank you so much for everything you have all done for K, she has grew so much from the help of you all."


Mrs C ...  "Thanks for all your help, support and always going the extra mile, very much appreciated."


Mrs D ...  "Thank you for everything over the past year.  Brilliant wee nursery with amazing staff.  You will all be missed."


Mrs McQ ...  "Thank you for everything you have done for I.  She has had a fantastic year and we will remember Ballyhenry Nursery fondly."


Mrs W ...  "Enjoy a well deserved break.  You have all worked so hard, during an incredibly hard year!  Thank you."

Mrs J ...  "I couldn't recommend Ballyhenry Nursery School highly enough to anyone who asks me.  Thank you for all the love, encouragement and time you have shown to E.  She has just blossomed this year.'


Mrs M ...  "M has had a wonderful year with you all.  Her confidence has come along leaps and bounds, I have no doubt that it's thanks to her lovely experience in nursery."


Mrs B ... "There was never any debate about which nursery school C was going to attend  J loved his year in Ballyhenry and we knew sending C there would be the best start for him also."


Mrs A ... "Thank you ever so much for the care, love and hard work you have put into my children over the years.  We honestly can't sing the praises of your nursery high enough.  It is such a happy, fun and positive place for the children to be.  Every single member of staff has been so friendly and welcoming.  You have made the boys' first experiences of education so wonderful.  We feel privileged that the boys have been lucky enough to attend such an outstanding nursery."


Ms L ...  "All the staff at Ballyhenry Nursery, from the teachers, to dinners ladies to reception, thank you for all your dedicated hard work to see the children through this far.  Everything is much appreciated and I feel proud to say my daughter attends such a safe, homely nursery like Ballyhenry is."


Ms K ...  "Thank you for all the support you have given R this year, he will definitely miss nursery - thank you so much for everything."


Mrs H ...  "Just a little note to say thank you for all the fun and care you have shown L over the last year.  It hasn't been an easy year for anyone, but you have been fabulous.  I'm sure L will have fond memories of his time at Ballyhenry Nursery, just like N does."


Mrs D ...  "Each day when my son came home, he had lots of good things to say about his experiences at Ballyhenry Nursery.  Thank you for all that you have done for him this year."


Mrs McG ... "I cannot recommend Ballyhenry Nursery School enough.  I have had three children through the nursery and they have all loved it and flourished.  The school provides a home from home experience and the staff are all approachable.  The children all experience a wide range of activities with so much to do.  My children each adored the nursery and have individually taken their own experience from it with wonderful memories being made."


Mrs E ... "As a parent, I loved the Stay and Play dates - they were a great idea!"


Mrs McC ... "Ballyhenry nursery school is fantastic .  The teachers and staff are amazing and go above and beyond for the children. My son absolutely loved it last year and my daughter currently attends. It provides a warm, caring and nurturing environment which the children thrive in and I would recommend it to anyone."


Mrs B ... "The whole school experience was enjoyed by my child.  She went to school every day with a spring in her step!"


Mrs H ... "B had an excellent experience.  Staff were brilliant!  Commuication was very good.  The experiences B had were great."


Mr S ... "Fantastic nursery with caring staff and brilliant facilities.  My kids have such amazing memories of their time in Ballyhenry Nursery School."


Mrs McG ... "Having sent my son to Ballyhenry Nursery School I did not hesitate in sending my daughter.  Mrs Pollock and all the fantastic Ballyhenry team have made my daughter's time in nursery a joy!  She loves going to nursery everyday and loves learning and playing outside in the wonderful playground and extensive grounds.  I would highly recommend Ballyhenry Nursery School to any parent looking to give their child the best start in their educational journey."


Mrs T ... "Just a little note to say thank you for being wonderful teachers this year.  N has loved nursery and we have loved watching him become more confident and learning new things."


Mrs S ... "Thank you for providing a supportive and fun learning environment for L during his time at nursery.  We know he has enjoyed the last year and has definitely come a long way.  We know he will miss all of you  - it's a shame he can't stay at nursery longer."


Mrs S ... "We can't begin to tell you how greatful we are for everything you have done for J.  He has loved every day of nursery and has learnt so much - he's taught the family all the songs!  Thank you for your patience and understanding with him."


Mrs B ...  "J was our eldest child and the first to go to nursery.  We didn't know anyone else who had gone to Ballyhenry.  I really liked the atmosphere on the open day and the fact that the staff were so welcoming and took time to speak to us and J.  I am so glad now that we made the decision to send him to Ballyhenry.  Over his nursery year, I have watched my baby boy grow up and become more confident, more out-going and more inquisitive.  I have heard him sing out loud (which never happened before!) and be more enthusiastic about drawing pictures and playing games.  Thank you for everything you have done for J, we truly appreciate it!"


Miss H ...  "My first child attended Ballyhenry Nursery and excelled.  I had no hesitation in sending my second child.  Both my children have enjoyed their time in nursery and the educational experiences offered to them.  Even with Covid-19, their learning has not been affected in any way.  My children have been nutured and encouraged at the start of their educational journey and for that I'm thankful."