Special Educational Needs Framework

8th November 2020

EA is consulting on two draft frameworks that propose changes to SEN provision and is hosting two virtual consultation events to gather your views.

The first is on Monday 9 November at 7-9pm.

This event will examine the Draft Framework for Specialist Provision in Mainstream Schools.

Register by emailing mainstreamconsultation@eani.org.uk.


The second event is on Wednesday 11 November at 10am-12noon.

This event will examine the Draft Special Schools Area Planning Framework. Register by emailing: specialconsultation@eani.org.uk.

The Framework for Specialist Provision in Mainstream Schools, focuses on increasing the number of specialist provisions in mainstream primary and post-primary schools, and putting in place a new process which speeds up the process by which these specialist provisions can be established.

The Special Schools Area Planning Framework advocates a consistent model across all areas of Northern Ireland that would see all special schools provide nursery, primary, post-primary and post-16 education in the same school. Currently, only half of NI’s 40 special schools offer this 3-19 Years provision.

You can find out more information here: https://bit.ly/2H3Es5b